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Adam Bushnell

Adam's Bookshelf

Take a look at my latest books...

The Mysterious Encounter with AIThe Strange Case of the Fossilised BoneA Curious Adventure in GeneticsThe Peculiar Affair of Cloudy WaterThe Shocking Matter of Sun and WindThe Puzzling Discovery in the Deep SeaSon of the SamuraiRobochefThe Sword of HervorThe Dragon Inside MeAnansi and the SheepDragon PainterDragon NightParrots of the CaribbeanJourney of the PearlTyne and Wear Folk Tales for ChildrenThe Evil Unicorn of DoomQuests in EpicaSnakes' Legs And Cows' EggsDonkeys' Wings and Worms' StringsFishes' Claws and Dinosaurs' PawsGruesome Ghouls and Devious DevilsInvade and Settle, Raid and MeddleThe Kings of Ancient GreecePyramids and Pussycats