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Adam Bushnell

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Descriptosaurus Story Writing

Descriptosaurus Story Writing provides a resource for younger pupils that will not only expand their descriptive vocabulary but also provide them with models that demonstrate ‘language in action,’ in a genre that is popular and familiar to children aged 5–9. Providing the essential building blocks to create a narrative text, alongside contexualised banks of vocabulary, phrases and sentence types, this book is designed to provide young pupils with the opportunity to see how a text is constructed using words, phrases and sentences. This exciting new resource:

  • Provides vocabulary for setting, character, ‘show not tell’ and sensory descriptions with clearly defined progression
  • Demonstrates how to use this vocabulary in different contexts using set sentence structures
  • Offers four model narratives written in different styles and level of difficulty
  • Presents modelled sentences with exercises so that pupils can expand their vocabulary
  • Enables young pupils to develop their understanding of how sentences are constructed and become more confident about using these skills in their own story writing

This is an ideal resource to dramatically improve children’s knowledge and understanding of language, grammar and punctuation for all KS1 and KS2 primary English teachers, literacy coordinators and parents. This easily accessible guide will also be helpful for teachers to use in preparation for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG) alongside a creative writing task.