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Descriptosaurus Punctuation in Action Year 1: The Ninjabread Girl

The Ninjabread Man was rather a handful but wait until you meet the Ninjabread Girl! With a Hiiiiii-Yaaaaa!!! she runs away saying, "Run! Run! So fast like a twirl… you can’t catch me, I’m the Ninjabread Girl!". Can the Ninjitsu trainer catch her? What about the crocodile? Or the wolf? Can nothing stop her?

On her journey, the Ninjabread Girl writes the story with the assistance of the Kitsuneand and Punctua, the Fairy Godmother of Writing, to punctuate properly and become a bestselling author.

Descriptosaurus Punctuation in Action Year 1: The Ninjabread Girl is part of a short series of age specific, beautifully illustrated stories that can be read for pleasure and/or used as a contextualized resource, containing a step by step guide to teaching punctuation. The characters from each story are used to demonstrate a range of punctuation rules in a fun and engaging way appropriate to its age group. Areas covered include:

  • Formulating punctuation rules
  • The use of misconceptions to highlight common errors
  • Teaching tips to provide a punctuation model

It explores the impact of punctuation on reading, understanding, meaning and effect, and can be used as a basis for pupils’ own punctuation or included in their ‘Writer’s Toolkit. These new Descriptosaurus stories are an indispensable teaching aid for making punctuation fun for all Primary Teachers and Literacy Coordinators.