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Adam Bushnell

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Sentence Samurai

The Sentence Samurai App is the complete whole school modelling tool for writing. 


Children can often find sentence construction, development and expansion challenging. Sentence Samurai models clearly how basic sentences can be expanded into well-structured and engaging sentences.


Each sentence has been carefully developed with the writing expectations of national curriculum in mind for each of the primary years groups. Spelling rules, punctuation and grammar expectations have all been matched to year group expectations to make the modelling process simple and effective, whilst targeting spelling, punctuation and grammar conventions. 


Sentence Samurai contains 6 levels, each containing 10 sentences. Further to this, each sentence has been created with the writing genres and foundation subjects in mind. Ensuring that teachers can model writing across the curriculum, whilst also imparting subject knowledge from the wider curriculum.


Grasshopper - Year 1

Shinobi - Year 2

Warrior - Year 3

Samurai - Year 4

Assassin - Year 5

Grand Master - Year 6


The app is perfect for a consistent whole school approach to aid the process of modelling writing, with progression and consistency from one year group to the next!


Bring writing to life in your school with Sentence Samurai.